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High School Internship Program- Young Research Scientist

Young Research Scientist program is designed to give high school students an opportunity to carry out lab-based research project as it is hard to get such positions elsewhere.  The program will train students as mini-PhDs.   During this program a student will be given a research topic of current trends in science and required to carry out both theoretical and experimental research with guidance from supervisor from NC STEM Academy and a co-guidance from a pharma/university labs. The supervisors are Ph.D scientists/professors with minimum of 15 years research experience with several publications and patents.  

Student will get minimum 20 hours of tutoring on the basics of the topics and another 16 hours of thesis and 16 hours of lab work.  The idea is to familiarize and teach the students research approach and lab skills that will help them secure future internships in reputed institutions/companies.  This skill will also make the students to differentiate themselves from others when they are applying for colleges.

Weekly class: 1h   ( will increase if needed to finish the work sooner)

Cost : Basic amount - $2290 (~$45/h) (including normal lab materials cost) – special lab material not included as it will depend on the topic selection. This cost may vary again depending on the topic. 

Payment made in 4 installments.

Topics include:  Polymer science, Nanotechnology, Drug Discovery, Forensic Science, Chemical Science and Bio Sciences, 3D Printing, Genetics etc.

Phase1:  Student complete tutoring

Phase2: Student work in the laboratory of Pharma company or University.

Phase3: Student submit ‘thesis/dissertation’

Phase4:  Student will present a ‘defense seminar’ in front of a panel of experts consisting of scientists and professors.

Phase5: The student will be awarded a certificate of completion co-signed by industry/university mentor.

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